Seat Confirmation

We have given many reminders for current students planning to continue at Pelkhil School to pay their first installment to confirm their seats. A large number of students have still not done so. We would like to make this final reminder that fees must be paid if you plan to continue. The last deadline is 9th February.

After 9th February, the seat will be treated as vacated and offered to new applicants. After 9th February, all old students will be required to submit fresh applications and admission shall be considered purely on merit and seat availability. Please treat this as the final notice.

CE Students Confirmation

All Class XI CE students planning to continue at Pelkhil are asked to confirm their seats by 9th February. With just 1 section in each stream, we will not be able to retain the seats for those who have still not confirmed their seats.

Transfer Certificates

Students who have not been able to maintain academic standards are asked to collect their TCs from the school office.


3 February, 2015

BHSEC XII Results declared!

Students should login with their index number at this BCSEA link!


The school is closed for the winter break so please note the following:

  1. The School Office shall open from 02 February, 2015 and will remain open from 9am-3pm. Admission Forms will be available.
  2. The School will open on 10th February.  All teachers will report.
  3. See the calendar link above for the full year calendar. If you have other queries, please share them on our facebook page.


Bhutan Observer | March 29, 2014

The Prime Minister Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay launched the first iSchool initiative at Pelkhil School, Thimphu on March 29, 2014.

The iSchool Project was launched in cooperation with the Royal Government of Bhutan, Ministry of Education, Ericsson India and Bhutan Telecom Limited with the aim to make quality education accessible to all students studying in remote areas of Bhutan. [Read more…]


When the former Prime Minister of Thailand, Thaksin Shinawatra visited Bhutan in 2008, he marveled at how well-spoken the average Bhutanese was in the English language. He had good reason to be impressed because back in Thailand as we all know, the Thai language is all one hears.

As a result of the Thai PM’s visit, today Bhutanese teachers are being invited to teach English in Thailand, and talks are already underway of Thai students visiting Bhutan to immerse themselves in the English language. [Read more…]


Personal Responsibility, Parental Involvement and Success in School

The Importance of Student Responsibility

There is an extensive body of research showing that students who assume responsibility for their own learning are more motivated, more self-reliant and more effective learners. Unfortunately, we often brush these facts aside when we discuss strategies to improve education. In fact, the United States is one of the few countries in which teachers and school administrators are singled out when students fail to achieve. Many acknowledge the importance of parental involvement and personal responsibility and effort as prominent factors affecting a student’s success or failure in school. However, the nation largely ignores these factors in discussions about educational reform.

In our efforts to improve public education, we often turn first to the institution of public education itself and suggest all sorts of changes. Over the past few decades reform proposals have included some of the following: longer school days and school years; smaller class sizes; site-based decision-making; smaller schools; decentralization; mayoral takeover of large districts; leaner school and district bureaucracies; integrated instruction; tracking; charter schools; vouchers; increased accountability; magnet schools; alternative schools; standards-based education; higher standards; performance assessments; project based learning; direct instruction; better professional development for teachers; improved teacher preparation programs; alternative routes to certification; merit pay; student test based teacher evaluations; eliminating teacher tenure; creating new teacher evaluation systems; reforming teachers’ unions; test-based school accountability; closing “failing” schools; and having low-performing schools taken over by the state or by private companies.

In few if any of these approaches do we see a systematic effort to integrate parental or community support to assist [Read more…]


Students seeking to repeat class XII at Pelkhil are welcome to apply.  The terms are as follows:

PCA Candidates must bring the following documents:

  1. BHSEC XII results
  2. Fully filled application form (available at office) Nu.100
  3. Transfer Certificate & Character Certificate

Applications may be submitted from Monday, the 3rd of February. The office is open from 9:30AM – 1:00PM from 3-9 February.

Please submit the application along with the payment of first semester’s fees to confirm your seat.

PCNA candidates will be interviewed by the Admission Committee after 10th of February, and their decision will be final. PCNA candidates from Pelkhil School must also submit a fresh application. All candidates must furnish the following documents:

  1. BHSEC XII results
  2. Fully filled application form (available at office) Nu.100
  3. Transfer Certificate & Character Certificate
  4. BCSE (X) Results
  5. The internal school marks of class 11

Candidates accepted by the Admission Committee may submit the application to the office with the first semester’s fees.

CE candidates are welcome to apply for admissions at Pelkhil School. Candidates must have completed the BCSE at least 12 months earlier to be eligible. Please submit the following documents:

  1. Fully filled application form (available at office) Nu.100
  2. BCSE (X) Results

The fees are the standard fees authorized by the Ministry of Education. Science candidates will have to pay an additional lab fee.

Please visit our School Fees page for details.


Class XII results declared

Scoring 91.25 percent, Tshering Tashi, a Science student from Ugyen Academy HSS topped the Bhutan Higher Secondary Education Certificate Examinations, 2013.

Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment declared the class XII results today at 3pm in Phuentsholing.

Jitendra Chettri, also a Science student from Ugyen Academy HSS scored 87 percent to come second while Yangchenphug HSS’s Science student Pema Euden came third by scoring 86.50 percent.
Yangchenphug HSS’s Dechen Rabyang scored 83.50 percent to top the Commerce stream. Mendha Wangmo, also from Yangchephug HSS scored 83.30 percent to be the second topper among Commerce students while Ugyen Academy HSS’s Thinley Wangmo came third by scoring 82.50 percent.

Dorji Wangchuk from Nangkhor HSS scored 85.30 percent to top the Arts stream. Damphu HSS’s Pema Choden scored 84.80 percent to come second while Orong HSS’s Esori Maya Waglay came in third by scoring 81.50 percent.

Karma Phuntsho from Taktse HSS scored 84.29 percent to top the Language and Cultural Studies Certificate Examinations (LCSCE), 2013. Jangchuk from the same school came second by scoring 80 percent while Ngawang Choden also from Taktse, came third by scoring 79.14 percent.

Individual candidates can access their statement of marks from the BCSEA website and also through SMS by using their individual index numbers.


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