We continue to receive enquiries from admission seekers wishing to transfer to Pelkhil School in the second term. This is possible if seats are available in the required sections. Please call the School Office or email for details.

The school’s enrollment has been growing rapidly every year. We are now no longer expanding numbers but focusing on quality. So this is another good reason to join Pelkhil!

We will have the following number of sections in 2017:

    • CLASS XII: SCIENCE: 4 sections, COMMERCE: 2 sections, ARTS: 3 sections
    • CLASS XI: SCIENCE: 1 section, COMMERCE: 1 sections, ARTS: 2 sections Academic scholarships are  available.
    • CLASS X: 1 section. Academic scholarships are available.
    • CLASS IX:
    • CLASS VII:
    • CLASS VI: 1 section
    • CLASS V: 1 section.
    • CLASS IV: 1 section
    • CLASS III: 1 section.
    • CLASS II: 2 sections.
    • CLASS I: 2 sections.
    • CLASS PP: 2 sections.
    • CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE): 1 section in all 3 streams in XII.


Applications will be subject to review by our Admissions Committee. Students entering classes XI and XII will have to meet the academic standards required at Pelkhil. They must submit character certificates and references (behavior reports) from their previous schools. First appearances matter a lot. Tattoos, earrings on boys etc will weigh heavily on the decision.

Current Pelkhil students who have passed Class X and would like to continue at Pelkhil School must follow the complete admission procedure. Automatic admission is not guaranteed so please do not assume you have a seat.

Admission is confirmed only after the first installment of the term fees are paid. This is the confirmation fee and is non-refundable.

Current Pelkhil Students must pay the advance confirmation deposit by November to secure their seats for next year. It is not compulsory to pay this deposit. However, students opting not to secure their seat will be required to resubmit their application for admission next February.


According to studies by the Royal Education Council, private primary schools have easily out-performed government primary schools. In the common class III exam, the Pelkhil School students secured 100% in the MOE evaluation. This can be explained by the greater amount of attention each of our students receive. Government schools have 35-55 students in a section against just 20-25 in our classrooms! Year to year the rising standards of our primary students is very noticeable. With a solid academic foundation secured at Pelkhil School’s Primary Wing, our students will be well prepared for academic success in the future.

We provide supplementary textbooks from the Cambridge International Examinations free of charge in Mathematics, English and Science. We are also the only school to provide Music and Art and HPE as regular subjects (at no extra charge) taught by qualified and experienced teachers.

With our qualified and experienced teachers and excellent facilities, you can expect much more from us. We are confident that students entering our Primary Wing will develop a solid academic foundation in preparation for the challenges of middle and higher secondary school.

Parents are advised to reserve their seats early as our class sizes will remain small.