The Ministry of Education has approved new school fees for private schools for the academic years of 2015 and 2016. We have made our first fee revision since 2010. There will be no fee revision for the next two years.  While our revision is very modest, we offer a discount for our continuing students.

Tuition Fees

PP-III2500 / 30,0002700 / 32,400
IV2500 / 30,0002700 / 32,400
VI2700 / 32,4002700 / 32,400
VII-VIII3000 / 36,0003000 / 36,000
IX-X3500 / 42,0003500 / 42,000
XI-XII3800 / 45,6003800 / 45,600
Continuing Ed (CE)10,000/yr10,000/yr
  • Discount: Concurrently enrolled 2nd, 3rd siblings, etc. will each receive a 10% fee discount.
  • Fees are payable in 3 equal installments. One installment shall be collected in November to confirm the seat for the following year.
  • Class PP-III will go home at 2:00pm
  • Classes IV-XII will go home at 3:45pm
  • Non-fee items
    • Nu.1800/year Annual Expenses: This covers misc expenses such as ID card, yearbook, diary, photocopying etc.
    • Nu.1250/term Stationery charge: This is cheaper than buying your own stationery.
    • Nu.3000/term Science surcharge: This covers actual materials used by the science students and the substantial extra space and equipment set aside just for this small group of students. Again, this is lower than actual cost.

Note: There are 2 terms in a year.


For students with outstanding results in the BCSE (X) exam, we are able to offer a limited number of 100% scholarships. We also offer scholarships to students with other outstanding talents including in sports.

Eligibility criteria will be updated regularly. We do not offer financial aid as government schools are completely free and available to all citizens.