The fee structure approved by the Ministry of Education covers the cost of basic education which includes the cost of classrooms and labs, teachers, furniture and operating costs. The fees do not include extra-curricular activities and sports and related infrastructure. These are provided free of charge at Pelkhil School. Pelkhil School strives to provide as many programs as possible including infrastructure and extra teachers and coaches.

Given below is the table of our fees.

Tuition Fees

PP-VI22,000 / 44,000
VII-VIII22,000 / 44,000
IX-X25,000 / 50,000
XI-XII Arts/Commerce28,000 / 56,000
XI-XII Science31,500 / 63,000
Continuing Ed (CE) Arts/Commerce15,000/yr
  • Discount: Concurrently enrolled 2nd, 3rd siblings, etc. will each receive a 10% fee discount.
  • Fees are payable in 2 installments payable at the beginning of each term.
  • Class PP-II will go home at 2:00pm
  • Classes III-XII will go home at 3:45pm
  • Non-fee items
    • The fees include Annual Expenses
    • Students in the Primary Wing must pay Nu.1500/term as Stationery Fees.

Note: There are 2 terms in a year.


For students with outstanding results in the BCSE (X) exam, we are able to offer a limited number of 100% scholarships. We also offer scholarships to students with other outstanding talents including in sports.

Eligibility criteria will be updated regularly. We do not offer financial aid as government schools are completely free and available to all citizens.