What is Academic Probation?

Many students joining private schools from government schools face the challenges of poor academic foundation and a lack of interest and motivation. Intelligence is rarely the problem! The two short years most of these students spend at Pelkhil School need to be used efficiently and effectively. In our system grades do matter and the scholarships and opportunities that good grades can earn can make careers and futures. The School does its part by providing the best and most motivated teachers to teach and it expects the students also to pull their weight. Academic Probation is a system that has been adopted to encourage and push our students to do their best.

Students are placed on academic probation if they are unable to pass any of the 4 tests of the year (Unit Test I, Mid Terms, Unit Test II & Final Exams). While achieving high scores requires considerable and consistent effort, it is virtually impossible to fail if the students makes consistent effort throughout the year.

Academic Probation is common practice in schools abroad to ensure students do their best. It is a tool used to ensure that the schools are able to maintain their established standards of academic excellence. (some examples 123 from abroad.)

How does a student get out of Probation?

Students who failed in one of the semester tests have one additional semester to achieve passing marks (40% BCSE and 45% BHSEC). If they do not achieve passing marks by the end of the semester, they will be subject to dismissal. Probationary students facing the board exams must achieve good standing by the midterm exams in July.

All students who do not meet the conditions of their probation will be dismissed.

Probation Measures

Students falling under Academic Probation will be expected to try harder. They should have fewer absences from school. They should attend all the additional free tutorials that the school offers. If necessary they should take additional tuition outside of class. Besides helping to improve their grades, these measures will also serve as proof of seriousness on the students’ part if the matter of dismissal arises.

What Dismissal Means

When students are unable to improve their academic performance and meet the conditions of their probation (described above), they will be subject to dismissal from the School. Students under this status are usually dismissed.

Students in dismissal status may not continue their studies in the School.


  • Dismissal will be decided at the end of the semester, typically after the midterms.
  • The School is not responsible for finding admission in other schools.
  • Students on Academic Probation will not be registered with the BCSEA if they are in class X or XII. They can register with BCSEA on their own as private candidates if they choose.
  • The decision of academic committee of the School will be final.