Pelkhil School hosts the only Continuing Education Centre for adults learners, in Thimphu. The fees are subsidized. The centre offers the Bhutan Higher Secondary Examination Certificate (BHSEC) in the Arts and Commerce streams. From 2018, the Science stream was discontinued because the new science curriculum generated costs for new lab equipment that was higher than the fees itself.

CE candidates must have completed the BCSE(X) at least 12 months prior to applying for the BHSEC(XII) CE program. The application form must be accompanied by their BCSE results and the Transfer Certificate from their last school.

All CE students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner becoming of adult students and abide by the rules of the school.


The CE fees have not been revised for more than 15 years as the Ministry of Education does not permit the fees to be raised. The fees are no longer able to pay the salaries for the teachers providing the service. A third request has been submitted to the Ministry for fee revision which is pending approval.


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