Sports is an extremely important part of student life at Pelkhil. The School has invested in good facilities and continues to look for opportunities to do more. The School also invests in coaches and scholarships for student athletes.

Sports has become very popular all over the world and in many countries has also become a significant source of employment and livelihood. In Bhutan unfortunately, sports is still seen as little more than ‘play’ and many students do not participate even in that. Research proves however that the benefits of sports in school are multi-fold and it is high time this was recognized.

Fitness – less time spent watching television or video games, or simply lying around. Sporting habits tend to continue into adulthood and this extends good health in one’s life. Stronger bones and muscles, stronger heart and lungs are some of the obvious benefits.
Improved Academics – studies have shown a positive correlation between regular participation in sports and improved grades and school attendance. Athletes learn the importance of persistence, patience and regular practice. These benefits extend into the classroom and even beyond school. Athletes also must learn time management to excel in both school and in the sports field.
Social skills – Athletes learn the importance of teamwork and benefit from positive mentors that often guide school teams. Athletes develop close bonds with team mates and this is good for their psychological health during the school years. They develop leadership skills as they grow up and begin to lead the younger members.
Success Mindset – Winning in the sports field requires students to be creative in making strategies, to be focused, to handle pressure, practice risk-management and face the outcome maturely when the results are not as expected. These are important skills for life.
Partnerships – Currently, Pelkhil School has a 5-year partnership with the Bhutan Cricket Council Board to promote cricket. The School has a symbiotic relationship with the Bhutan Judo Association to promote good health and discipline through Judo. A more informal relationship exists with other sports such as football, shooting, athletics, basketball, volleyball etc, through the School’s extensive scholarship program.
The School welcomes proposals for new partnerships in sports for the long term development and promotion of sports in Bhutan.