Futsal Bookings

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STEP 2: Select Timeslots:
The charges are as follows:
1. 1-hour slot: Nu.1200
2. 2-hour slot: Nu.2200

* After booking, please make the payment immediately, otherwise the booking will be cancelled in the interest of other parties. Payments must be paid via mBOB to the account given.
* Bulk-booking is also possible at 2000/2hrs.
*Holidays will follow weekend slots

Please mention your name used to make the booking and your booking ID No. when you arrive at the court. The caretaker Namgay can be contacted at 17976850.
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I/We agree to abide by the following guidelines:

1. No eating/drinking/smoking/chewing doma in the court
2. No metal cleats allowed on the turf
3. Users will strictly abide by the time slots assigned. Entry/Exit time is included in timeslot allotted.
4. Max 14 players allowed on the court at a time.
5. Users must collect their own trash, pet bottles etc.
1. Vehicles to remain parked only at designated areas.
2. All players to remain strictly within the futsal area and not to wander into the school area or into the river side etc.
3. Due to Covid concerns, outsiders should have zero contact with anyone else on the school campus.