Futsal Bookings

Welcome to the Pelkhil Futsal booking page! Our pitch is 7 a-side so 14 players can play at the same time All bookings must be done online and confirmed only after payment is received.
* To book, first choose the date from the calendar. The available time slots will appear below. Then click the preferred time slot and after filling in your details, click ‘send’. Please double check whether you are selecting morning or evening bookings.
* If you pay by scanning the QR code below, your booking will be confirmed faster. Please send a screenshot with your booking ID number to 17110083. There will be no cash transactions on the pitch. 
* Payments must be made within 30 minutes of the booking to confirm the slot. If delayed, the bookings will automatically lapse and become available to other parties. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DISCOUNT RATE OF NU.2000/2HR SLOT IS ONLY FOR 4 BOOKINGS OR MORE AT A TIME.

STEP 1: Click on the date from the calendar below:
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- Available
- Booked
- Pending
- Partially booked
STEP 2: Click on your preferred Timeslots. Only timeslots that are available on your selected date will appear:
The charges are as follows:
1. 1-hour slot: Nu.1200
2. 2-hour slot: Nu.2200

* After booking, the payment must be made within 60 minutes or the booking will lapse automatically. Payments must be paid via mBOB to the account given.
* Bulk-booking is also possible at 2000/2hrs for more than 1 2-hour slot, and Nu.1100 for more than 1 1-hour slot.
* Players are responsible for the balls once handed over to them. If balls are lost (in the river or otherwise), the team shall pay Nu.1000 as compensation immediately.

Please mention your name used to make the booking and your booking ID No. when you arrive at the court. The caretaker Jermiya can be contacted at 77292545.
Full Name (required):
Email (required):
Phone (required):
I/We agree to abide by the following guidelines:

1. No eating/drinking/smoking/chewing doma in the court
2. Agree to switch to futsal studs to help protect the turf.
3. Users will strictly abide by the time slots assigned. Entry/Exit time is included in timeslot allotted.
4. Max 14 players allowed on the court at a time. All others are requested to sit at the gallery to reduce traffic on the turf.
5. Users must collect their own trash, pet bottles etc.
1. Vehicles to remain parked only at designated areas.
2. All players to remain strictly within the futsal area and not to wander into the school area or into the river side etc.
3. Due to Covid concerns, outsiders should have zero contact with anyone else on the school campus.


1. Refunds will be made if the pitch is unplayable for any reason, or if there is total light failure during the night slots. However, the first choice should be to rebook on another date or time.
2. There will be no refund for weather-related conditions. Such refunds applications may please be sent to the weather gods!