Children tend to mirror the company they keep and what better way to take advantage of this than to invite intelligent students with a great work ethic to join Pelkhil as classmates and good examples. We offer full academic scholarships to students entering class XI who have scored 80% or more. With our smaller class size and close attention from our superior faculty, good students can only get better and achieve scores necessary to enter outstanding colleges.

The Pelkhil School scholarships have served as life-changers for many students over the past 10 years. Without the Pelkhil School scholarship, many of the students who benefited from it would have ended their educational careers at grade 10. But many of them were even able to complete college. With the introduction of government scholarships to for all Bhutanese youth upto grade XII, our scholarships have become less essential and will be slowly discontinued or we may take it in another direction.


Pelkhil School scholars must:

  • Maintain the standards for which they were awarded the scholarship. Academic scholars must maintain their marks as evidenced through the 4 main exams of the year. Sports scholarship recipients must be active in school and inter-school programs and maintain passing marks.
  • Display the best in student behavior both on and off campus.
  • Commit to remaining with us for both years XI and XII. Prior departure for any reason must be accompanied by a refund of the scholarship amount.

NOTE  Academic performance has rapidly improved over the years and 80% is quickly becoming commonplace. So the bar for scholarships eligibility will also be continually raised.