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Are you a parent striving to provide quality education for your child? If you are, you would have done your own research and found that public schools today are over-crowded. That there are shortages of teachers and academic learning is affected. There are few good extra-curricular programs to provide a well-rounded education.

There are more reasons for joining Pelkhil School. Our exceptional Junior Wing establishes a solid academic foundation. The statistics from the BCSEA exams illustrate how much our Junior Wing stands out among all categories of schools in Bhutan! From 2024 we are introducing Cambridge International Curriculum that will totally transform the approach to education and the quality of learning. Learn more!

*NOTE*Admissions will resume from Monday 26 February. Seats are still available in some classes so please visit early from 26th onward to book your seat before they run out. We have a Repeater Section for Class X and for XII Science. We offer Science in XI and XII. We offer Arts and Commerce in CE.

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