Kuensel | MAY 11, 2013

The Swimming pool basketball complex reverberated with loud cheers yesterday, as the finals of the Thimphu Thromdey inter schools basketball tournament began.

The finals between the two top teams of Pelkhil School and Kelki  HSS had them scream and shout until the end of the close match up that eventually saw Kelki HSS give into the tactical play of their opponents.

The game ended 53-28 in favor of Pelkhil Schoolboys.

Pelkhil boys secured a strong lead 28 against Kelki’s 13 by the end of the second quarter and hung on to it.

In the following two quarters, the Pelkhil boys’ quick moves and good coordination earned the team many easy shots and three pointers. On the final whistle Pelkhil had  taken a lead of 25 points, scoring 53 against their opponent’s 28.

Likewise, in the girls final match, Kelki HSS girls team defeated Mothithang HSS by 45-16.

KHSS girls not only made their opponents tired by making them run around for ball possession but also scored several open shots from near the rim giving them a comfortable lead of 29 points ending the match 45-16.

Although Motithang HSS girls fought hard to catch up, they could not gain control.

The winners and runners up teams (boys and girls) were awarded trophies, medals and certificates.

“We are very happy to win the tournament as we also qualified for regional school tournament,” said Pelkhil School player Sonam Kinga. “I hope this year we would  win in the regional basketball tournament as well,” another player Dorji Gyeltshen said.

“We are not only the winner of the tournament but also regional and National basketball tournaments for the past two years,” KHSS player Sonam Yangki said. It is the third time KHSS girls team won the matches in Thimphu Thromdey inter school tournament.

The organizer Lungtenzampa MSS teacher Penjor Dorji said it has been a successful tournament funded by Thimphu Thromdey and assistance from Bhutan Basketball Federation.

By Tashi Phuntsho

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