Mascot and Slogan


The founding year of Pelkhil School was 2010, the year of the Tiger so it was natural to adopt the tiger as the school’s symbol and mascot. But beyond this happenstance, the tiger symbolizes many good qualities that people aspire to for themselves. Across cultures, the tiger is known to symbolize harmony, beauty, power, justice, strength, courage, determination, resolve, resilience….the list is quite long. As a school Pelkhil takes its responsibility of raising upstanding citizens seriously and what better way to start than to adopt this magnificent symbol as its mascot!



Veritas means the truth and in Roman mythology is represented as the goddess of truth, a daughter of Saturn and the mother of Virtue.


This means “humility” which may be translated as “humble”, but also as “grounded”or “from the earth” as opposed to flying high on the wings of one’s ego.  In Buddhism, humility is an important precondition for liberation from the sufferings of life and the vexations of the human mind.


Integritas in English is ‘integrity’ and means blamelessness. It is a measure of one’s character and one’s commitment to the principles of leading a good life though living it in a sea of temptations and easy choices.