The thirteen years spent in school are the most formative years in one’s life and the experience must include activities of learning outside of the classroom. However, this is yet to be recognized. High school education in Bhutan has unfortunately been reduced to simply the work of awarding graduation certificates. This is not good enough.

Programs  Pelkhil School is perhaps the only school in Bhutan that takes the idea of ‘wholesome education’ literally. We have the most activities in our annual calendar among the schools in Thimphu and the facilities to back them up. It is no surprise therefore that our students now dominate in the inter-school programs. Pelkhil School has been the Thimphu and even national champions in basketball and volleyball for several years. Several Pelkhil School students represented Bhutan at the 2016 South Asian Games in India in Boxing, Taekwondo, Judo and Football.

Every child is expected to take an active role participating in the school’s events. This builds team spirit and builds self-confidence.

Quality We have a faculty impressive in their qualifications and years of experience behind them. They are true educationists. We are however, constantly endeavouring to take it to the next higher level. There is no such thing as ‘perfect’. With our excellent facilities and attentive teachers, there is no doubt Pelkhil provides the best quality education in Bhutan. Each teacher is directly accountable to every child through the school management which keeps a sharp eye on teacher performance and commitment. The school remains completely accountable for the students in their care.

Care A school’s programs and great faculty amount to nothing if the students themselves do not take full advantage of it. Students in Bhutan tend to need care and guidance to keep them on track. Pelkhil School spends many man-hours each day doing just this. The School expects and demands the full support of parents as a child’s success depends on this partnership.

Discipline The care and support a student deserves is not a one-way street. For success, students must do their share of the hard work as well. This requires discipline. The School therefore encourages every student to have high aspirations and the tenacity and self-discipline to achieve them.

Affordable While we strive to provide international standard education, our fees are very local and affordable. Producing the future citizens of Bhutan is our goal and therefore affordability for Bhutanese youth will always be an important consideration.  Please refer to the Fees page for details.