11 December 2012

Today was the long awaited second faculty table tennis tournament at Pelkhil. The teachers, at least some of them, having been practicing almost all year with the goal of winning the prizes! A total of 24 matches were held in 3 categories, Men’s Singles. Women’s Singles and Men’s Doubles. With dedicated practice this year the standard was dramatically higher than in 2011. Not surprisingly, the winners were different from last year, although not too dramatically.

There was excitement in the air, and yes there was tension too. In the end, the best took away the prizes.

The winners were:

1. Men’s Singles: First: Hari Bakhta Second: Chimi Tshering Third: Karma L. Dorji
2. Women’s Singles: First: Kiran Sunda, Second Rie K. Dorji, Third: Karuna Chhetri
3. Doubles: Winners: Hari Bakhta and Kevin Alexander

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