The Boys and Girls' teams with Sir Khandu

The finals of the Inter-School Basketball tournament became an all-private school affair!

The girls played as underdogs today against a skilled and well-organized Kelki team. Remarkably the game started in Pelkhil’s favour with high scoring in the first quarter. However the shooting percentage dropped considerably as the game wore on and Kelki’s rebounding and shooting took off after the second quarter. The girls could easily have won had their rebounding and shooting been just a bit better.

In the end the shooting of the Kelki girls was too crushing and the game ended 43-66.

The boys put on a real clinic in the first quarter with 9-0 lead in just the first few minutes against Rinchen HSS. All rebounds were taken by Pelkhil and the Rinchen boys struggled for possession. After the first quarter however, Pelkhil slowed down and the tenacity of the Rinchen players began to make a difference. Pelkhil’s offense went silent from the third quarter and Rinchen’s resurgence brought the score at par and then Rinchen even went ahead at 35-37.

Fortunately Pelkhil woke up and reopened their scoring in the 4th quarter and opened up a comfortable lead in the last few minutes. The game ended 48-42.

Congratulations to all the players and Sir Khandu. Pelkhil’s double appearance at the Thromde finals is a rare achievement for a school.

But from the looks of things it will probably not be the last time. With just 220 students (including the Junior Wing), we have a tiny pool of students to choose players from compared to the other high schools that have 900 each in classes XI and XII alone. The secret of our success is our dayboarding program where students get to play organized sports everyday in good facilities. We are confident that in the years to come Pelkhil will be the school to beat. Or rather – to lose to!

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