The pattern of private schools running only on the large numbers of students rejected by government schools is rapidly changing. Due to the improving quality of private schools, more students who have qualified for a free seat in government schools are now opting to instead pay and join a good private school. The same pattern has emerged in Pelkhil School and we now have a large number of such students. We also have a large and growing number of students from the top 5% who have joined us on full academic scholarships.

We also provide scholarships for various forms of excellence from sports to performing arts. In 2015, we gave 67 scholarships to students in recognition of their merit. In 2016 the number rose to 80. We are pained to have to reject other students with exceptional talent simply because we do not have the capacity to give more scholarships.

Our government system rewards only academic merit and that excludes everyone else. What we do know is that there are talented students in need of support. If you would like to support these multi-talented students, please contact us. We can pair you with a deserving student and provide your scholarship in your name. In most cases, the scholarship would be for a period of two years.