Pelkhil School was the first school to initiate scholarships for deserving students in academics, sports and other activities. Many other private high schools have followed that trend. In fact, the government itself expanded its coverage when it removed the cutoff point system. Furthermore, they have also striven to provide scholarships for sports. The coverage however, does not include everybody. There are many children who do not fit in within the crowded public school system but who cannot afford private school education. If you know of such children, you can sponsor them to study in a less crowded private school which provide much closer attenton and supervision.

The personal income tax system allows for individuals to sponsor their own children or other needy children through a tax deduction of up to Nu.350,000 per year per student. This is well above the amount needed to sponsor a child at Pelkhil School. The DRC portal has forms to register a child for sponsorship if you choose to become a sponsor.