Pelkhil School hosts Thimphu’s only Continuing Education Centre for adults learners. The centre offers Bhutan Higher Secondary Examination Certificate (BHSEC) in Arts and Commerce streams.

To register for the BHSEC XII exam, candidates must meet attendance requirements and candidates must have completed the midterm exams. We do not offer online education for CE.

Application forms are available at the school office at the start of each year.

We have always tried to keep CE affordable. CE education is a good option for working adults as well as those with limited means to pay. However, with the revision of the cut-off policy, all students can now avail free high school education. Moreover, given the current economic situation that private schools are in, it is no longer possible for a private school to provide subsidies.  Therefore, from 2024, the CE program will no longer be subsidized.

Hours: Mon-Fri: 5-8pm, Saturday: 2-4pm.

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