Class XII Exam Results


Arts topper Namgay Choden (Arts) Ugyen Academy, Punakha 89.25%

When a friend called her yesterday and said she had topped the Class XII exam, she thought he was pulling her leg. Turned out it wasn’t a joke and that she had not just topped the arts stream, but had secured an overall first position in the country. Namgay Choden from Ugyen Academy had scored an impressive 89.25 percent.

“I believed it only after other friends started calling up to congratulate,” the 17-year-old said. But it was not very unusual for her to excel in exams, always having made it to top three since Class IV. She said it was her teachers, who made her work hard, conducting tests almost every week.

“I realised that last minute preparation doesn’t work, and I’m glad all my effort paid off,” said Namgay Choden, who wants to take up politics, psychology or law.

Science topper Tikaram Acharja (Science) Ugyen Academy, Punakha 88.50%

He was on his way to meet his parents in Gelephu when his Mathematics teacher broke the news to him. When he reached home, his parents had already heard it on Bhutan broadcasting service radio.

“They were all proud of me,” Tikaram Acharja, also of Ugyen Academy, said. Having secured top positions since his preprimary, he said his family, friends and teachers had a lot of expectation from him.

“I’m glad to have met their expectations,” said the 19-year-old science topper, who secured 88.5 percent. He had also made it to overall second position. He said, through the years, he had never been a “burning the midnight oil” kind of student. Instead, he paid more attention in class and took his study hours seriously.

Tikaram loves mathematics and aspires to become an architect.

Commerce topper Karma Choden (Commerce) Mothithang HS, Thimphu 85.50%

Having managed to do only last minute preparation for her exam, Karma Choden of Motithang higher secondary school had least expected to be one of the toppers.

But it was one of her teachers, who had called to inform her that she had topped commerce stream, securing 85.50 percent. While waiting for her result, she had gone to her village in Samtse to help her parents. “My teachers and family are proud of me,” said Karma, sounding breathless.

She is yet to decide what she should opt for hereon, but said she would like to pursue economics and mathematics, since these were her favourite subjects. She had scored 97 and 86 in the two subjects.

2 comments to Class XII Exam Results

  • khawang dorji

    Congratulation to all the toppers, especially to science toppers. you all are the youths who will really serve the country much wisely in the future. Heartfelt appreciation goes to all of you for fulfilling your parent,s wishes, teacher,s wishes instead of rocking in the towns like some of the other youths does.

  • dorji wangchuk

    my heartfelt appreciation goes to all toppers of 2012. off course the success is yours but i individually being your mate feels happy when i go through your performance that’s what makes me to con-grace you guys. there is always a bright future ahead you and always hope for the best……………..

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