20 September 2012 Today was Pelkhil School’s Community Service Day. The school opted to once again clean the stretch of the expressway from the Changjiji bridge to the Olarongchhu bridge. Except for the Class X and XII students, all other students participated collecting about 52 cement bags worth of garbage. We are happy to report that the volume of garbage along the road was much less than during the earlier cleaning campaign.

The cleanup campaign was followed by a small talk on the ills of  wasteful consumption, production of garbage, the burden on the natural resources and the overall impact on global warming, which is the single most important threat to human life today.

Clean up campaigns are necessitated not just by wasteful consumption but also by a serious lack of civic sense among the populace who feel free to toss garbage out of the window of their cars. With the students themselves cleaning up the mess, there is hope that the problem will be felt a little closer to home among the parents and relatives, and become more sensitized to the issue. This would be the first step to behavior modification.

The event was closed with a soft juice for all the participants sponsored by the Thimphu Thromde.

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