The school and faculty would like to congratulate our 2012 BHSEC batch for a very commendable performance in the board examinations.

In particular, we offer our special congratulations to our top 5 performers

  • Finso Yeshe Choden – 80% (Commerce)
  • Rinzin Dorji – 72.75% (Science)
  • Dorji Dema – 72.75% (Commerce)
  • Isaac Rai – 71.75% (Commerce)
  • Muna Subedi – 70.25% (Commerce)

A total of 75 students appeared for the BHSEC from Pelkhil School, plus another 7 non-Pelkhil candidates who requested permission to appear through our Test Centre. Other details on the results analysis will be posted on a separate page shortly.

Our overall pass percentage was a credible 74%, an improvement of almost 14% from last year! This was in spite the fact that all failing students on academic probation sat for the exams after the MOE intervened. As predicted, every one of them failed.

The students on academic probation had been asked to leave the school in July for not maintaining academic standards required by the school. They were given special permission to stay on in the school after they signed their acceptance of not being eligible to sit for the board exams. They later broke their commitment by complaining to the Ministry of Education.

It is important to note that these results are the achievements of the students, not the school. It is difficult for a school to have a significant impact on the average student performance in just a year or two.

In 2013, we are confident that our pass percentage will cross the 90% mark given the overall improvement in the calibre of our students. Our admission process has greatly improved and we admitted about only 1 in 3 applicants in 2012. We will continue with this admission policy.

Our program of Academic Probation is also having a significant impact on motivating the students to try harder. In 2013, we will reinforce our Academic Program and not make the mistake of giving students on AP a second chance after the mid-terms.

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