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Thimphu 3 November 2012 This morning the school organized an impromptu cycling campaign against global warming. The idea came from Manoj (XIA) who also did the running around inviting other schools to participate. We are embarrassed to report that only ONE student from Pelkhil School participated! However, we were really very happy to have students from Thimphu Primary School, Druk School and Lungtenzampa MSS.

Although we had a small group, we were heartened by the presence of UNDP Resident Representative Claire Van der Vaeren, who came to flag the group off!

Accompanied by about 6 teachers from Pelkhil, the group rode all the way to Dechen Zam, looped back through Lungtenzampa and on through the RBA camp. The group rode through the old highway until Ngabe Rongchhu bridge and eventually entered the expressway which took us back to the school campus.

During the route, the riders stopped many times to hand out flyers to remind ourselves of the urgent need to do our part against global warming. We had an informal breakfast of puri and kewa datsi at the BNB canteen.

This was our first cycling program and we learned a few tips from this short trip. Students do not drive so they have absolutely no idea about traffic rules. Protocols such as riding along the left side of the road, staying single file, not weaving left and right etc, need to be set and established explicitly.

The trip was enjoyable and we have resolved to organize similar programs on an annual basis.

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