Woohoo, the site’s come through on the new host! But it is still just a ‘redirect’. It turns out we will need to pay more to get a proper url to go with it. (27/3/12)


okay, now we’ve requested Druknet to ‘point’ our website to our new host. This should take 24-48 hours to take effect after which we’ll see if we can have a direct access to our domain on our new host. (26/3/12)


Our website was hacked almost twice a week last year when it was hosted on Druknet. The support we received from Druknet was limited to being blamed for setting up insecure websites. This  was obviously not true as our other similar sites hosted abroad did not suffer a single hack. From 21 October 2011 we shifted our entire website to another host and used Druknet simply to re-direct visitors to the new host. It has worked flawlessly since and the site was not hacked even once. From today, 24 March, we found that even the re-direct from Druknet has stopped working and our access to make any corrections also seems to have been damaged. Being a Saturday, we will have to wait until Monday to see what sort of support we can receive from Druknet.

Our back up website is HERE. And if you are suffering similar hack problems, then click on the button on the right and try a much more dependable company to host your site!

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