After the Teachers’ Day celebrations, our football team was invited for a friendly match against the team from Nima HSS led by Sir Tulsi. The game was held at the Pelkhil field. The game was unfortunately held on a particular windy day with the wind having a significant impact on the path of the ball.

The game nevertheless was a good one. As potential opponents in the up-coming inter-school tournament, the players were more focused and took the game more seriously. The teams were well matched in skill. In the end however, Pelkhil had greater success in coordinating the passes especially near the goal. The final score was 3-1 in Pelkhil’s favour. If the goal that was scored just as the whistle was blown is counted, the score was 4-1.

The game was a good exercise for honing skills in preparation for the tournament. So another match has been scheduled for the coming Saturday. We hope that we can organize similar matches against Kelki HSS and Rinchen HSS as well.

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