26 May 2013 On a blazing hot Sunday afternoon, the Pelkhil XI faced Rinchen XI at the Pelkhil grounds. With the wind blowing against us, the Rinchen XI was able to sustain a decent defense against the Pelkhil onslaught. At the half the goal was a close 1-0 in Pelkhil’s favour.

After the half though, with the wind in our favour, the floodgates were opened with 6 goals scored one after the other. In the last ten minutes, the Rinchen HSS team was able to pull one goal back.

The game ended with a very convincing 7-1 score.

In the earlier match, Kelki HSS faced off against Yangchenphug HSS. The wind was less of a factor but the game was played against a merciless summer sun. Kelki played the steadier game scoring regularly at every opportunity. The game ended 4-0.

Motithang HSS will now face Loseling MSS on Monday in 1 semi-final. The Kelki HSS will face the Pelkhil XI in the  other semi-finals on Tuesday at 2:30pm.

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