Our Sensei Michihiro (right) packing the donated dresses with Konan University Team Captain Takashi Sato. The dresses are bound for Bhutan to be used at the Pelkhil Judo Club. (8 August 2012, Asahi Shinbun)


We are pleased to report that friends from Japan have generously donated used Judo dresses for the Pelkhil Judo Club. These dresses typically cost about $200 a set which puts it out of reach for most Bhutanese. These donations make Judo possible for everybody.

When word was spread that used judo dresses were being collected to be sent to Bhutan, where judo was being introduced for the first time, there was an overwhelming response from the public in Kobe as well as many other parts of Japan. People not only donated the dresses but even sent messages of support and many included money for the transport charges!

The donation drive was organized by members of the Bhutan Judo Foundation set up by Professor Shunsuke Yamasaki, 7th Dan judo veteran of Konan University. The initiative to collect, sort and pack the dresses was taken by the members of the Judo Club at Konan University.

From all of us at Pelkhil School and the Pelkhil Judo Club, please accept our heartfelt thanks!!

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