Another successful semester is now behind us! Today our students had their final exams for the term. They cleaned their classrooms, picked up litter from the campus and left for a well-earned break.

We need to remind our students and parents that unfortunately it is during the break periods that untoward incidents tend to occur. We would therefore like to request our students to enjoy the break responsibly and with restraint. We certainly do not look forward to hearing any stories in the media or even by word of mouth. We urge our parents to take extra care over their children and save more of their time for them during this short 2 weeks.

School will re-open on 16th July. Fees will be collected between 16th and 20th July. Other dues such as for tracksuits and concert tickets will also need to be cleared at this time. This should be done with your respective class teachers at the time of collecting the Mid-Term results.

Students taking extra classes during the summer are requested to be regular and arrive on time.

Lastly, a very happy holiday to all our students from the faculty and management of Pelkhil School!

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