9 April 2013 Today the finals of the inter-house football tournament was held for girls. Singye House again emerged the champions for 2013. Druk House was the runners up. Due to the smaller number of participants, the girls played futsal in the basketball court.

6 April 2013 Today was the finals of the inter-house football tournament for boys. Singye House, the clear favourites, played against Chhung House. The preliminary matches were conducted earlier in the week.

Despite Singye House’s strength, Chhung House displayed good defense and thwarted all attempts on goal by Singye. Toward the end of the match they unfortunately lost their guard and Sonam Yoezer, club captain and member of Yeedzen FC, promptly slotted home the winning goal. That turned out to be the only goal of the match.

The tournament displayed considerable football talent among the students at Pelkhil. Several of the students are regular members of various clubs in Thimphu. But there also turn out to be other talented players who aren’t pursuing the sport so seriously. We are confident that Pelkhil’s football team will do well during the inter-school tournament organized by Thimphu Thromde.

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