Updates on the on-going inter-school basketball tournament organized by the Thromde Education Office. Sir Khandu leads the teams as the Basketball In-charge.

22 April: Against Kelki HSS Boys, Pelkhil won a comfortable 46-25. Great job!

23 April: Against Changangkha MSS, Pelkhil boys strolled to an easy victory 83-29. Though much smaller, the Changangkha boys put up a really credible show with their quick passes and drives.

24 April: Against Changangkha MSS, the Pelkhil girls had their first and easy victory 42-13.

26 April: Against Dechencholing MSS, the Pelkhil girls had a tough time beating a tough team. The score (to be confirmed) was 34-17.

27 April: EXCITING DAY today! Both our teams recorded victories today in the semi-final matches against Motithang HSS for boys and Lungtenzampa MSS for girls. The girls made a really slow start and lagged behind for almost the entire first quarter. But slowly they were able to come back and dominate the rest of the game. In the end the score was very comfortable for Pelkhil.

The boys had their hands full with the Motithang boys who matched the Pelkhil boys in height, stamina and determination. Combined there were at least 6 six-footers on the court at any given moment. The game was fast and marking was man to man.

Although we won again, it was really the first win our team actually had to earn. Though the score doesn’t show it, it was a tough gritty game right until the last second with Motithang making a sudden comeback in the 4th quarter and Pelkhil guns turning silent. With Sonam Kinga fouling out and many players losing their shooting touch suddenly, things became even more critical. Dorji Gyeltshen found his mark in the end and a few lay ups were able to stretch the lead once again.

The game was tough and it required the tireless hustling of Tshering Dhendup, shooting of Michael and Tandin’s quick cutting in that ensured the victory in the end. The final score was 47-36. Well done once more!

The finals will be held on Sunday. The girls will play against Kelki HSS at 9am. The boys will play against Rinchen HSS after that.

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