As a step toward establishing a full Judo Federation, the Pelkhil Judo Club (PJC) was invited to participate at the Olympics Day (2 May) held this year at the Gaeddu College of Business Studies. Master Pema Dargay led the club members. Six members were selected based on progress made. The members are all students in schools in Thimphu and they thoroughly enjoyed their trip out of Thimphu.

Nima Zangmo (VIII- Chang Rigpel LSS) described the experience as ‘awesome’ and says she learned a lot through the process of teaching others.

Monisha Subba (VII – Chang Rigpel LSS) says the journey was ‘long and interesting’. She observed that many of the students in Chhukha were very ‘impressed’ by Judo and that many other coaches and masters were also showing strong interest in it.

Ngawang Namgyel (IX – LMSS) says “gedu is a very beautiful place and the students of gedu were very helpful’ to them. He says the bright sunshine on Olympic Day ‘filled our hearts with optimism’ and that the Chief Guest Dasho Jigyel U. Wangchuck encouraged them to continue with judo.

Tshering Wangchuk (IX – LMSS) says the “trip was a great success and we enjoyed it very much. Our time was finished before we knew it because we spent it with great joy”. He says the demonstration was a great success. The children who came to see judo were ‘all excited and surprised to see the different types of things that we did and gave us a great applause and a standing ovation”.

Karma Yangjer (VI – Chang Rigpel LSS) says the people of Gedu were very kind and helpful. The place was peaceful and wonderful. “When we gave our demonstration the students were cheering us and then we received an Olympic T-shirt”.

Gembo Dorji (X – Chang Rigpel BMSS) described the trip as the ‘happiest long journey in my life”. Gedu says Gedu was the place of his birth but he had never been back there and always longed to visit again. He says ‘his destiny has been fulfilled” now. He says he likes Gedu compared to Thimphu as it is beautiful. The only thing he didn’t like were the leeches ‘which come on our legs and suck our blood”.

On the first day leeches climbed onto judo-mate Ngawang’s body who then ‘cried and shouted’ in panic.

Many of the student in Gedu showed a strong interest in learning Judo and asked if there were any clubs in Chhukha. When told there was only one club in Bhutan, located at Pelkhil School, many said they will definitely join it if they come to Thimphu.

The students enjoyed the trip so much they did not want to leave Gedu early as planned.

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