Students in bright yukatas with Artist Ichiro Endo, a kite-flying specialist from Japan (click pic for more)


Today Pelkhil students enjoyed the visit of two sets of visitors from Japan, both of whom came with the same purpose – to thank Bhutan for the support during the tsunami disaster of March 2011 and to spread the message that all people are the same under the sun. To commemorate the occasion, students of the junior wing had the opportunity to write messages to the survivors of the tsunami on 100 kites brought by Ichiro Endo. Later, the kites were flown on the school football field in a single thread that flew over a hundred metres into the sky. A similar kite with thank you messages from the people in the affected areas was also flown. Both these kites will be taken back to Japan to fly them in the affected areas. Though the cloudy day did not make for perfect photography, the stead breeze certainly did not let us down!

The visitors also raised 5 koinobori (kites in the shape of the carp fish ) the larges of which was 5m long, brought by Ai Iwashita. The koinobori have been gifted to Pelkhil by Ms Iwashita. We have promised to fly the koinobori on 11 March to remember the victims of this very tragic event.

BBS covered the event and made this report.

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