13 June┬áSadly, today was the last day of lacrosse with Tom at Pelkhil. They will visit Bumthang before departing on Monday. The students had a great last game with each of the sides, the Greys and the Blues, represented by 3 teams of different ages playing in series. The Greys won, but we’re not telling the score! It was quite one-sided by the end!

The students and staff of Pelkhil School extend their deepest thanks to Tom, his parents Tony and Lynn, Yanki and Tshering Lhendup for their time at Pelkhil and the fantastic time they gave to our students during the past 2 weeks! The school also extends its gratitude for the equipment that Tom is leaving with the school. We shall continue to play the game and with luck make it into a regular club.

Thanks again!

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