Seat Confirmation

We have given many reminders for current students planning to continue at Pelkhil School to pay their first installment to confirm their seats. A large number of students have still not done so. We would like to make this final reminder that fees must be paid if you plan to continue. The last deadline is 9th February.

After 9th February, the seat will be treated as vacated and offered to new applicants. After 9th February, all old students will be required to submit fresh applications and admission shall be considered purely on merit and seat availability. Please treat this as the final notice.

CE Students Confirmation

All Class XI CE students planning to continue at Pelkhil are asked to confirm their seats by 9th February. With just 1 section in each stream, we will not be able to retain the seats for those who have still not confirmed their seats.

Transfer Certificates

Students who have not been able to maintain academic standards are asked to collect their TCs from the school office.

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