Both their boy’s and girl’s teams make it to the finals

«Players trying to grab the rebound
Both spectators and players yesterday enjoyed an exciting and entertaining game between Motithang and Pelkhil school in the semifinals of the inter-school basketball competition played at the Nazhoen Pelri complex.

Pelkhil’s tall players, dominating the rebounds and with good shot accuracy, made the difference between the two teams, with Motithang losing the game 47-36.

The start of the game saw Motithang taking the lead through free shots, all converted by their players; but it was short lived since Pelkhil then became aggressive and dominated most plays.

Motithang taking two baskets and a three point shot with few time outs, the team kept working on their strategy to defend against the Pelkhil giants, who were experienced and dominated both defensive and offensive rebounds.  The tall players of Pelkhil had good advantage at both ends of the court, taking the rebound during offence and blocking their opponent’s shots.  Half time ended at 10-21, a good lead for Pelkhil.

Motithang however came back with a change.  The change in their defense strategy, from zone to one on one, made possible a good defense against the tall players, and restricted easy passage for their opponents.

Excitement further increased when Motithang in the last quarter brought the score difference to four points that left Pelkhil shaky in their shoes for some time.  Despite several players getting injured, Motithang displayed great courage and stamina.  Ugyen Norbu Lhendup of Motithang scored a couple of lay-ups in the last five minutes, but Pelkhil recovered with a three-pointer from Lotey.

The one on one strategy however backfired on Motithang, when Pelkhil used the same technique on them in the last quarter.  Motithang’s scoring not only came to a halt in the last two minutes, but Pelkhil was then able to convert many baskets, getting more space on offence.  Pelkhil’s Tandin Gyaltshen brought the winning score to the team, and a late final basket from Motithang’s Thaye Wangchuk ended the game at 47-36 in favour of Pelkhil.

The finals scheduled on April 29 will see Pelkhil school against Rinchen school.  In the girl’s category, Pelkhil face Kelki School.

By Tenzin Wangchuk

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