Kencho Tshering establishes fastest time in 200m

16 May 2013 The Thimphu Valley athletics competition held at the BAAF Track Field concluded today after 4 days of events. Pelkhil School fielded probably the smallest contingent in the high school category with about 10 students, but produced a good crop of medals.

  1. 100m Boys – Kencho Tshering – Gold
  2. 200m Boys – Kencho Tshering – Gold
  3. Shot Put Boys – Ngawang Jamtsho – Gold
  4. Long Jump Boys – Kencho Tshering – Gold
  5. Javelin Boys – Ngawang Jamtsho – Gold
  6. Discus Boys – Ugyen Wangchuk – Silver
  7. High Jump Boys – Sonam Kinga – Bronze
  8. High Jump Girls – Tshering Pem – Bronze
  9. Triple Jump Boys – Sonam Kinga – Bronze

Unfortunately, Kencho Tshering had to give up one gold medal on the technicality that 1 person was not allowed to take part in more than 2 events. Whatever the rule, the fact remains he delivered the fastest time in the 100m race. Congratulations!

In the overall standings in the high school category, Pelkhil School with the smallest team stood THIRD with 4 gold medals.

YHSS came first with 13 Golds and Kelki HSS came second with 4 Golds and 8 Silvers.

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