2 May 2013 The day that marks Teachers’ Day also marks Olympics Day. The day was celebrated at the Gaeddu College of Business in Chukha and organized by the Bhutan Olympic Committee. Pelkhil Judo Club (PJC) was also invited to participate for the first time as a recognized club under the BOC.

A small team of 6 students was selected from the club and led by Master Pema Dargay ( 1 dan). The students prepared demonstrations on the all-important falling technique (ukemi) and throwing techniques (nage). They also prepared a kata for nage presented by Karma Yangjer and Gembo. Later, they demonstrated different fighting techniques for different situations. The demonstration was closed with the students trying out ukemi and some of the simpler forms of nage (throwing) under the guidance of the club members.

About 2500 students of Chhukha dzongkhag attended the event. They were divided into groups of 60 students and 6 groups attended the judo demonstration in rotation. The students all expressed a strong interest in judo, a sport they had never seen

HRH Dasho Jigyel U. Wangchuck, Gyaltshab and President of the BOC, graced the occasion. He gave the PJC members special attention during the event. During the practice session HRH joined the session and took part in the practice. HRH expressed his love for the sport and strong interest in promoting it in Bhutan.

The PJC members were very happy with the occasion and the opportunity to meet the BOC President.

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