Little seems to be known of the scholarships that Pelkhil School offers so we feel it deserves a mention here. For academically outstanding students entering Class IX and X we offer 100% scholarships if they have scored 80% or above in their internal exams. We also offer 100% scholarship for students entering Class XI if they have scored above 80% in the BCSE.

If you are interested to apply, simply visit the school office with your marksheets and fill up our application form!

Academic success is broadly dependent on the quality of teachers and external factors such as class size. But the most important factor is individual effort. Without it success will remain elusive regardless of the school one attends. During our two years of existence, we have noticed dramatically divergent results between students who made an effort and those who did not. The former have improved their final marks by over 15% after joining Pelkhil and even earned themselves government scholarships. Those not putting in the effort simply stagnated and gained little from their time with us. How can such different results be achieved in a single school? Clearly it all boils down to personal interest and effort.

We would like to attract harder working students to prove that the combination of faculty and facilities that Pelkhil offers is already top class. We just need a few more hard working students to help us demonstrate it to the world!

In collaboration with the Bhutan Olympic Committee, we are also offering 2 scholarships for Class 11 to talented football players. If you think you are eligible, please apply to the BOC.

We have also offered 2 scholarships to the Bhutan Archery Federation if they can help us set up an Olympic archery program. We have the space, we just need a few kits. It seems they are not ready to collaborate this year, but if anybody else is, our doors are open!

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