11 February 2013┬áBy the time Pelkhil opened in 2010, an image of the school had been built as an ‘international’ type school where students could do anything, and discipline would be very lax. Many even thought there would be no school uniform. With such expectations, student behavior in the first semester of 2010 left, should we say, a lot to be desired!

In 2011, things changed a bit and the expectations had become a bit more realistic. However, most of the students applying for admission had very poor academic results. It seems that while Pelkhil’s image of student discipline had improved, people still felt they had no academic standards to worry about at Pelkhil. Most applicants were in fact rejected.

In 2012, the image seems to have again changed so while the number of applicants increased, the number of applicants with BCSE scores less than 50% all but disappeared. It seems the word was out that Pelkhil did not accept students with marks less than 50%. The incoming 2012 batch was therefore quite impressive as their year-ending results went on to prove.

Today, one of our teachers happened to visit Shearee Square to withdraw some money and at the entrance found 4 young boys chatting and smoking. While this was something he would have normally ignored, they caught his attention when he heard mentions of ‘Pelkhil” mixed with expletives in Dzongkha. He lingered a bit at the door to figure out what the fuss was about.

He kept hearing “…(mumble mumble) (expletive) …Pelkhil…”.

Moving a little closer he finally understood what the conversation was about.

Of the four, 2 of the students were keen to join Pelkhil and were discussing their plans with the other two. One of them, cigarette in hand, was cursing that yes, he also wants to go to Pelkhil but that “…(expletive).. it is absolutely not possible to smoke at Pelkhil….”! His advice to his friends was that it is difficult to be at Pelkhil if you already have a smoking habit!

We would like to add that yes, this is good advice, and for these students to note that smoking is also not acceptable off-campus!

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