Tomomo-sensei leads the primary students’ drill

8 September 2013 Today was the annual concert and sports day for our primary wing students in class PP, II and VI. The day began with a concert at the school premises. The parents made a good showing managing to pack the hall. Our students, led by MC Dechen W.M. Wangchuk (Class 6) reciprocated by putting on a really entertaining program.

The program was different from the usual formula. Unnecessary costs on expensive costumes were avoided by having all performances in the school uniform, supplemented with stage props. Recorded music was generally avoided and replaced with live music and singing by the students themselves. They sang English, Dzongkha and Japanese songs.

Class 2 put on a solid performance on the pianica (piano instrument powered by air like the harmonica) and Class 6 performed a well-rehearsed piece on the violin.

After the concert, the kids switched to their sports clothes and competed individually and in groups in many sports events. There were no winners and no losers, and everyone was awarded a gold medal for their effort!

Parents and their children brought the even to a close by performing a group dance to the tune of Ampanman to close the day.

A very enjoyable day despite the blistering heat!

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