Cambridge at Pelkhil


To ensure a smooth and seamless transition to the Cambridge International Curriculum, we will start with Cambridge Primary for Classes PP, I and II. We will teach English as a first language so that the higher standard will prepare our students for the higher standards of English at IGCSE and A-levels.

We will ensure that our students build an exceptional language and numeracy foundation in their first 3 years of school. A very large number of Bhutanese students are learning two new languages when they join class PP and then have to learn all other subjects in a language they are still in the process of mastering. It is a challenge we often do not realize. We will therefore arrange the classes so that they can master all 4 domains of speaking, listening, reading and writing in both English and Dzongkha for a successful student career in their future. Similarly, we will build a strong foundation in numeracy during these first 3 years.

Why Cambridge?

  1. International Recognition  2. A well-designed curriculum  3. A wide array of subject options  4. Excellent quality textbooks and workbooks  5. Well-designed assessment

The progression pathway is clearly defined with board exams held at end of Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Lower Secondary, Cambridge Pre-Advanced and Cambridge Advanced.

If you are a concerned parent who seeks a better academic option that is still affordable, this just might be for you!