Their Majesties the King and Gyaltsuen visited our campus today. Speaking to the students at the assembly, His Majesty reminded the them to do their utmost to maximize their plentiful potential. He said he looked forward to meeting them in the years ahead as they graduate from schools and  when going for further studies, during the graduates orientation and so on. As a tiny nation of just about 700,000 citizens sandwiched between giant neighbours, it was important that the potential of each citizen was achieved.

Later His Majesty spoke with the faculty raising many matters of concern over academics, youth behavior and related matters. The practice of ‘lowered tolerance levels’ in dealing with student discipline issues was to be continued. However, it was important also that the teachers establish higher standards of expectations from their students. His Majesty encouraged the faculty to strengthen achievement in math and science. He also encouraged the school to promote Judo in Bhutan.

Their Majesties also visited the classrooms and met with the students distributing chocolates among the excited PP students.

The Royal Visit concluded with a photograph with the faculty.

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