With the end of the year approaching, most teachers have finished or are close to covering the syllabus and have begun revision classes.

We will introduce a self-study hour everyday from 1 October. Normal class hours will be adjusted to finish at 2:40 pm. All students will have 15 minutes to relax or run around. After that they will have 5 minutes to settle down for study.

All students will then conduct 90 minutes of self study. The students can pick any location to set up their study materials and then sit and study. Each designated location will be very strictly supervised by 2 teachers and with others also on duty. Students will be expected to sit quietly and engage into serious self-study. Every teacher will still be available for answering specific questions they may have. Otherwise students will not be allowed to talk or move around.

All students will leave school at 4:30 pm in keeping with the winter timings.

Some teachers will conduct extra classes if they find it necessary.

Study habits among students tend to be very poor. Some students have NO study habits! We are certain that going home after school is not followed by any study time. It is our hope that with this measure students not only have at least one study hour per day, but also that they pick up some good study habits down the line.

It is hoped that the the students will not just be able to study for the coming final exams, but in the process also pick up some good study habits!

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