8 June Pelkhil School participated in the Sherig Century singing competition organized by Thimphu Thromde today. Pelkhil was represented by a single student Dorji Lham (X). Of the 4 categories, Dorji Lham represented Pelkhi in the Higher Secondary category.

Despite little time for preparation, Dorji Lham was still able to secure 3rd position! Congratulations! YHSS came 1st followed by Kelki HSS. Keep in mind YHSS has 1000+ students and Kelki about 900. Pelkhil is just 200+ including primary and junior students.


  • Sonam Dorji

    Pelkhil School is fairly a new school and achievements of any sort is to be applauded. Congratulations on all the awards and prizes won so far. However, the mentioning of the small strength of the school “Keep in mind YHSS has 1000+ students and Kelki about 900. Pelkhil is just 200+ including primary and junior students” repeatedly in different entries conveys the insecurity and the desperate need for recognition of the school. We should keep in the mind that if the number of students in a school is corelated to winning in any competition, then China and India would have dominated all sports and games. To be proud of one’s achievement is one thing but to be boastful of oneself at the cost of degrading others for every small thing is totally an egoistic and desperate move. The school should strive to achieve more in every field but let the public judge its worth.

  • Deki

    Congratulation Dorji…
    i am a guardian of a student studying in Pelkhil school…i wanted to comment on PARENTS & TEACHERS CLEAR OUT MARIJUANA(and any other parents involving works), since i cannot comment on that topic, i am doing it here la sorry …Actually i really wanted to join pelkhil school in such activities… my niece is staying with me and i am only her guardian, since i am working in a private company, i couldn’t come la… i think there are other parents having same problems… so it would be very convenient for all, if such activities are organised on Sunday

  • Sonam Dorji

    I personally feel Pelkhil School has a great potential with experienced teaching staffs and good management. Bhutanese people are generaly sceptical about new schools or anything new and make comments without any basis. You shouldn’t worry about that. Just concentrate on the academics and other co curricular activities and do you best. Let the public eat their own words. Well done anyway for the sweet victories the school had this year.

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