The Sonam R. Tsomo Memorial Football Cup is an annual football tournament for primary schools for students aged 12 and below. The event is organized in memory of Sonam R. Tsomo, a founding member of Pelkhil School and passionate supporter of all round student development. After her untimely passing in 2017, Pelkhil School has organized this event every year in her memory, excluding the 2 years under COVID-19.

There are very few high-quality sports events for young students, so this event fills an important gap. Through this event we would like to provide kids the opportunity to challenge themselves, learn to collaborate as a team, learn the spirit of competition, of sportsmanship and experience the heartbreak of losing and the highs of winning. New studies are increasingly showing that success in life is not wholly dependent on academic achievements alone but relies on many skills learned outside of the classroom, including on the sports field.

We greatly appreciate all the schools who participate in this event and all the hardworking Sports Teachers who make it possible. We also extend our appreciation to Bhutan Football Federation for allowing their Technical Officials to manage the matches and ensure the highest standards of refereeing.