What a cosy couple they make!

Today was the day for appreciating our teachers and the work they do! At Pelkhil, the day began with the morning assembly but with roles reversed. All the teachers stood in line in the ‘rather old student’ queue, while the captains and class 12 students took the roles of specific teachers. ‘Sir Daniel’ opened the day with the daily morning meditation. And ‘School Captain’ (Sir Hari) was ‘reprimanded’ for coming to school in a non-standard tracksuit by ‘Principal Umesh’ (Samdrup).

After assembly, classes were conducted (10 minute sessions) by the respective ‘subject teachers’. ‘Mdm Jessy’ (Sonam Tshomo) reprimanded a student (Mdm Jessy) for eating waiwai in class. Late comer student Jigme also found himself kneeling as punishment by ‘Mdm Jessy’. ‘Lopen Dorji Norbu’ (Arpan) conducted the Dzongkha lesson.

Classes were followed by a short variety program organized by the students for the teachers. This was followed by lunch hosted by the students.


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