Last night at around 1am, one of our faculty members was unable to sleep as his child was sick. Lying awake he was startled to hear noises in the stairwell leading to the attic above.  Unsure whether new tenants had moved in, he let it be. But when the noises persisted he called the landlord living on the ground floor who confirmed that the attic was unoccupied. The sound of voices on the phone apparently tipped off the robbers who then dashed down the stairs to escape.

Unfortunately for them, by then our teacher came out from above and chased them down the stairs. The landlord meanwhile had also come out and was running up the stairs and in processed trapped the robbers. With the lights switched on, the robbers were finally identified. One was a PP student still in his school shoes, another was in class 4 and the ring leader was in class 5, both in their sports clothes. All were from a local government school. The tools of their trade was a large bunch of assorted keys that they tried on every lock.

While they waited for the police to arrive, the three were interrogated by the landlord. The ‘hardened’ class 5 student tried to pretend he did not understand English but couldn’t explain why when he had already confessed he was in class 5. Meanwhile the PP student took out his plastic phone toy and kept himself busy playing with it. The police arrived and took them away.

What we are wondering is how the parents have not noticed that their prepubescent children are not at home at 1am.

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