Tokiko Kato performs “I Love Peace” at the Clock Tower with the students of Pelkhil School

20 October 2012 Thimphu Celebrated singer Tokiko Kato performed at the Clock Tower today in a concert to thank Bhutan’s support after the disaster of March 11, 2011 in Japan. Ms. Kato performed 16 great favourites such as “Hana” and “Shima Uta” during the 2 hour long event. The program was opened by 4 young Bhutanese students who performed a number of pieces on the harmonica taught by a JICA Senior Volunteer. Later Ms Kato was joined by Jigme Dukpa and members of his Aayang Music School to perform several Bhutanese numbers including “Kuzuzangpo”. The grand finale was the song “I Love Peace” which was performed with the students of Pelkhil School. With the help of sheets of lyrics distributed before hand, the crowd also joined in the song. Twice!

The program was attended by almost all Japanese citizens working in Thimphu who had a rare opportunity to attend a Tokiko Kato concert!

BBS coverage of the event and BBS’ Talking Matters Bhutan Observer article


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