17 May 2013 Pelkhil School does not have a real volleyball team yet. This year’s team is decidedly stronger than last year’s but it is still kind of a mish mash of players from basketball and other sports. However, there is also undoubtedly good talent and plenty of athleticism. Led by Sports Captain Dechen Phurba, a specialist in volleyball, the team has become surprisingly credible.

Today’s encounter against Rinchen HSS in the first round showed that with some more practice the Pelkhil boys’ team can be quite formidable. The scores of unforced errors and mistakes made it quite clear that this was not a fully fledged volleyball team. But the come from behind wins in the first and third sets showed it was no push over.

Rinchen HSS led the first set by about half a dozen points. In the end however, Pelkhil was able to pull together and level the score at 24-24. Pelkhil won the first set at 24-26.

The second set was also a closely contested affair Pelkhil made too many errors to retrieve the set.

Pelkhil took off to a good start in the third set but again stumbled midway. The match seemed almost up when Rinchen reached 23 while Pelkhil trailed in the mid-teens. Following a series of errors on Rinchen’s part, Pelkhil was able to inch closer. Several good plays by Pelkhil and errors by Rinchen later, the score was tied at 24-24. It was a remarkable comeback.

The score went up to 27-27. Finally Pelkhil was able to score two points in a row and the match ended 27-29.

Our next match is against last year’s champions Kelki HSS.

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