Wall Magazine Competition – 2013

It is a tradition in our school to have a wall magazine competition every year.  So it was of no surprise when the Principal announced the preparation of the wall magazine.

The wall magazine is segregated into two divisions: The Senior Wing comprising of class XI and XII and the Junior Wing involving class VI, VIII, IX and X.

The topic chosen for this year’s competition for the Senior Wing was: Emerging Areas of Tourism in the World and for the Junior Wing: Wonders of the World.

The class teachers were responsible to guide and give useful information to the students in their work.  In a short time, colourful, picturesque, descriptive charts were seen displayed all over the covering of the walls in the classrooms.

Judges were chosen from our school as well as two judges from Lungtenzampa Middle Secondary School. They had a hard time trying to judge the winners.

The results were declared on 18th. March, 2013, and it was no surprise when the first prize in the Junior Wing was carried off by Class VIII followed by Class X and VI respectively. In the Senior Wing, Class XII (Sci)2 took away the 1st. prize followed by XII(Sci)1 second, XII (Arts)2 third and in fourth place Class XII (Com)2.

On the whole the presentation in each class was a vast improvement from the previous years.

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