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16 February 2013 The year’s first Judo Tournament was held today at the Pelkhil Judojo. The occasion was graced by the President of the Bhutan Olympic Committee, HRH Prince Jigyel U. Wangchuck. Among the guests were also the Secretary General of the Bhutan Olympic Committee and many members of the Japanese community in Thimphu.

A total of 45 club members, ranging from primary students to adults participated in the event. Members came from 7 schools in Thimphu, as well as former students and RBA soldiers.

The program began with warm up and stretching followed by a demonstration of UKEMI or falling techniques, and a demonstration of NAGE or throwing techniques. This was followed by a demonstration of NAGE NO KATA or kata of throwing techniques, performed by Gembo and Karma Yangjer.

After that a Group Match consisting of a series of bouts between the Blue Team and the Red Team followed. A total of 27 bouts were conducted. The results consisted of wins and draws. Fighters who displayed a fighting spirit or ‘budo’ were awarded medals.

Guests were impressed by the level of proficiency that many of the members had achieved in 3 short years. Six members are now bonafide holders of black belts (1st dan). The younger members displayed tremendous potential for the years ahead with their creativity and speed.

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